Thursday, November 16, 2017

Another Day at the Doctor

I finally found a new Family Doctor - mine retired after 46 years as my doc - & I've been going thru all the tests the new doc wants - what a pain in the ass. I also have to admit I haven't really BEEN to the old doctor much in my lifetime except when I got really sick or needed stitching up. It was more convenient to hit the nearest clinic after I dislocated my wrist & tore the meniscus in my knee than wait 3 hours in my doctor's waiting room.

My new doctor will only talk about 2 things per appointment no matter what which is also a pain & she always looks a bit frazzled by the time our appointment is over. That's what she gets for ordering a massive amount of tests. Friday, at our last semi-monthly meeting, I told her NO, we aren't discussing my cardiogram & cholesterol levels today - her plans, we're discussing my constant cough & the fact that I strained my neck, pinched a nerve & couldn't raise my right arm above my hip while struggling to birth an alien from my lungs last weekend. My ribs, shoulders & back  are all sore from coughing. By the time I dress, shower & run to the garbage bin in the mornings, I could cheerfully crawl back into bed. Then I started to cough. I was tight as a drum.

So she listened to my lungs. And tapped my back. And ordered chest xrays. Oh Gawd, what now?? She told me I sounded like I have pneumonia. And from the sounds of my symptoms, I'd probably been walking around with pneumonia since the the summer. Figures. Next thing I knew, I was armed with two puffers & another appointment to talk about my cardiogram & cholesterol. That woman just won't give up.


Nada. Nothing. I've got FLC(feeling like crap) soooo bad that I just wanna stay under the warm covers until I have to pee. Or cough.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Leaves are Falling Everywhere

I'm not much of a coffee drinker even though I used to meet my buddies at Starbucks almost every day - I did like several of their tea blends & I could knit like mad while I sat there. Most of my coffee buddies laughed because my coffee maker had never had anything but tea in it's basket. I still do love a coffee once in a while so I always go OUT for mine. I have a couple of spots to sit outside - even in my car with the windows down - this time of year when the trees are turning color & the little birds are flocking together in the tops. It's sweater weather with piles of multi-colored leaves on the ground to roll in but still plenty left in the trees to brighten up the days. I love warm summer days & fresh berries but crisp fall days with colored leaves everywhere are still my favorite times of the year. I think of new apples, bales of sweet alfalfa hay & Brussels Sprouts after the first kiss of frost. Wool weather. For Sure.

Yesterday I brought in the Christmas/Easter cactus, the Jade plant & two little Jade cuttings. Oooops, yes, I know, it has been cold but they were tucked under the patio table against the interior wall & haven't been watered in two or more weeks so they could take a little cold!! And just look at what the cactus did overnight. It's actually TWO cacti, one with smooth segments & the other with 'hooked' segments & they're named for the season in which they normally bloom. Well, guess what, mine bloom any time they please & usually at the same time!! They like to set buds when they get nice long nights & equal days - & always after a summer outside. I figure this one liked it's stay outside again this year. PS - Since the camera is still lost, you're getting a shot of a previous blooming, just in case you wondered.

The camera is still lost although I'm sure it will be found soon - I'm in the process of recycling all the plastic pencil/paper/file/disc holders I have that I don't use & shredding all paperwork over 10 years old. Good Gawd, is that a bag in the bottom of the closet with a fleece in it???? Once you get started, you just can't stop .   .   .   .  

Sunday, November 05, 2017

November Already

I can't believe it's November 05 already!! If it weren't for the firecrackers & the unseasonable cold - that is for US on the Wet Coast & even more unseasonable SNOW, I wouldn't believe it. Today dawned cool, crisp & blue skied. 
The perfect day to wear a Cowichan sweater!! And I have three fleece jackets .  .  .  .   Yup, good thing my car has a good, fast heater. My aging internal 'Granny Thermometer' won't let me sit outside with my buddy & his pooch at Starbucks in this weather anymore because I can't stay warm enough. I don't feel too bad because the pooch doesn't want to sit outside either.

Every year my landlord & I have this unacknowledged contest about who will holler "uncle" first & crank on the furnace. Yesterday I woke from an afternoon nap to a warm bedroom - I was gonna give up & get him to turn it on yesterday too. I think the furnace has been running more or less steadily since then. It will be so nice to shower in a warm room again!!

With all this cold air about, I've been seriously rethinking my wardrobe lately. I no longer need dress clothing. Or dress shoes. In the summer I live in shorts & tee shirts except for two pairs of long, floral pants that go with most of my tees. I even have a pair of jeans hanging in the closet. In the winter I've been wearing men's sweat pants - they come with pockets!!!!!! & keep me warmer, my tee shirts & a sweater at home or fleece jacket when I go out. 
As a result, I'm thinking of chucking all the pants that have no pockets, a couple of dress shirts I don't wear anymore & going back to fleece all the time for winter. Or at least fleece pants with long sleeve shirts & a vest - with pockets. In my part of the world, it's not always safe to carry a purse - especially if you're old. I like my keys in my right pocket so I can press the emergency button or lock my car fast. I'd like my phone in the opposite pocket & my thin wallet zipped into my vest/jacket pocket. That way I can carry my cane in the winter & a knitting bag too. And no one would try to steal my knitting bag - it has Knitting Chickens on it.

On the Knitting Scene - the Blue Scrappy Socks remain out in the car for waiting time knitting - next week I have two appointments with the Ex so they might get finished. The Purple & Pink socks are next to my TV watching chair where I've been ripping out one of the sweaters I started for myself. I tried something different, it didn't work & the thing wound up being 6 inches too big in the bust. So I'm ripping it back to the part where I screwed it up & will do what I should've done in the first place. The woolly blanket/shawl is HUGE & just about finished. Although I'd like to see it with fringe, I'm not sure how much yarn/time/effort would be involved or if it would be worth it.