Saturday, March 10, 2018

Down the Hole Again

Leftovers Bag
I don't know how it is in your house but sock yarn is a staple in mine. Yeah, I would say it has actually become the equivalent of a Food Group over the years. One of the Essential Food Groups. There's always sock yarn in this house even when I'm out of bread. Not only do I have new balls of plain & patterned yarn but I have sock yarn leftovers grouped in three main color groups - Reds, Blues & Purple/Pinks in a box & three bags!! Seems that nowadays, most people love the leftover, scrappy socks a whole lot better than plain ones. Good thing. Because I've made a lot of socks since I left my husband 17 years ago .   .   . 

A couple of years ago - I can't remember exactly now - I decided NOT to BUY any more SOCK YARN. None. I decided I would knit up all the left-overs until they were all used up. That was okay for a while until I ran out of plain colors for heels & toes. Socks that are made up of all kinds of patterned yarns really, really need plain toes at least. What's more fun that a pair of blue patterned socks with shocking pink toes??? The kids I know fought over them! So I bought a half dozen balls of neon pink, yellow, green, turquoise & red yarn for toes. But basically, I've made nothing but scrap socks for the last year & a half.

Of course there's the yarn I traded for or was given for my birthday which doesn't count toward's stash, it's personal. My friends know I love Kroy for my winter socks & even a pair or two of mitts & I will donate the scraps to the box, if there are any. And last fall I fell off the wagon & bought 6 balls of Knit Picks Felici sock yarn in Goth Kitty for me!! It's a delicious blend of plum, pinks & greys. Just my colors!! I love hot pink with grey & black!!! Or plum & green together - like pansies & violets!
And then along comes Gail, the Enabler, with her big sale on sock yarn at dirt cheap prices & offer to share the shipping cost .   .    .    .    I fell down the hole & bought another 20 balls. They won't have to embalm me when I die, they can just stuff sock yarn into all my orifices & wrap me into a giant ball.

Monday, March 05, 2018

A March Day

I was sitting in my favorite spot in the Rotten Ronnie's parking lot today enjoying my Xtra-large coffee with two milks & Fruit n Fibre muffin, cruising the free Wi-Fi for more books by Alys Clare. I love my Kobo ebook reader & use it every chance I get. It's totally back-lit so reading at night or in poor light is amazing. The font is adjustable & I can actually read without my glasses!! There's no glare on a sunny day & no bright spot or dark corner when it's back-lit.

But, as I was saying, I was was in my usual spot, after going through the drive-thru & looking for another Medieval mystery by Alys Clare. I park in this spot for several reasons, free WiFi, good coffee, sunshine - when we get it, people can't find me unless I tell them to & I can people watch. It's amazing what goes on in a Mcdonald's parking lot!!! Yeah, I could go inside & get free refills but I don't want to listen to kids shrieking & whining - man, the older I get .  .  .  .  . this particular spot has a huge playroom so the noise level can be pretty loud!  I can also knit in my car & listen to an audio-book if I want while drinking my coffee. And I can take all my cups, napkins, bags & cardboard home to be recycled.

Today, it was a glorious sunny day that got me outside checking on my fern garden.  My stiff leg reminded me I should go grocery shopping early if I wanted any 'specials' & I decided to go for a coffee on the way home & read the last of my latest 12th century 'Who Dunnit'. On the way to Rotten Ronnie's, the sun shone brightly & I had to put on the summer shades!! Got my coffee, parked in the sun, got out the ebook & watched the big, black cloud roll in. It even brought it's own wind & rained down on everyone crossing the parking lot - especially the ones in shorts!! Then the  temperature dropped suddenly & it turned into a hail storm. The hail hit so hard it bounced & came down twice!! Then, as suddenly as it came, it moved off & I was bathed in sunshine once more. Then I had to go home & get back to work .   .   .    .    .

Saturday, February 24, 2018

It's Looking a Lot Like Christmas

At 7:14 this Saturday morning, I had 6 & a quarter inches of snow on my drive. I couldn't help myself & had to go outside with my ruler & check. It was lovely, soft & light. And brought the entire town to a halt. 
Although we were warned that snow would fall on Friday morning, most of what fell in my yard, fell after dark. I was supposed to take the Ex to an eye appointment around 3:00,but it was falling very heavily so we canceled. His little suburb has only one way in & out to the main road with deep ditches, narrow streets, few lights & no sidewalks. I was concerned about getting back OUT with all that snow falling!! Good thing I did MY shopping on Thursday so I wouldn't have to go out for the next few days!! The weather office promised SUN for Saturday & my lunch date, it now looks like it won't be here till Sunday although our temps are above zero for the next few days. And once again, I am so glad I no longer have to commute anywhere!!

Knitting - I finally finished my 'car' socks in Hopscotch. I always have a pair of socks in the bag in the car but I'm thinking about changing it up a little for Spring. A few years ago, I fell in love with a cowl/shoulder wrap in Knitter's magazine. It was made simply from the top down in random rows of knit & purl  & in three weights of the same colorway, fingering, sock & worsted. The Designer used a yarn which really appealed to me. Since I couldn't find the yarn, I asked Linda at Sunset Fibers create some roving for me so I could spin my own. Linda's roving is not as screamingly bright but I think it will do the job. It's called 'Red Hat'. The yarn has been spun up for ages so I think it's about time I got started on the knitting before it gets too warm to need it.